Let the U.S. know about your experiences as an adoptive parent or prospective adoptive parent with U.S. government officials.  U.S. Embassy personnel are coming under increased scrutiny for their actions in adoption cases and your feedback will be shared with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which oversees our U.S. Embassies, if received by Feb. 14, 2012 at 5PM EST.


The survey below is intended to inform policy makers on adoptive families’ experiences when interacting with U.S. government officials during the intercountry adoption process. Data from this survey will be used to help identify areas of possible improvement within the current process. All questions should be answered based on your personal experience with U.S. government officials (not with your adoption agency representative). Your candid answers are appreciated. The responses will be consolidated and presented in a cumulative format. No personal identifying information will be included or divulged.

Results received by February 14 at 5:00pm will be made available to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for use in an upcoming roundtable on intercountry adoption. The survey will remain open until March 1.

If you are an adoptive parent or prospective adoptive parent, please use the following link:


If you represent an adoption agency, please use the following link:


Thank you for your time and participation.