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SamuelOli otya! This is the friendly greeting you will hear throughout your travels, even though most of the population speaks English. The country achieved its independence from Great Britain in 1962. The Republic of Uganda is considered “The Pearl” of Africa due to its natural resources and wildlife. You will find gorillas, elephants, lions and chimpanzees in the national parks. The capital city of Kampala is on Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa.

Across The World Adoptions is proud to present our program of adoptions and our team is one of the most experienced and respected in Uganda. You will be in good hands throughout your journey. Although we use the term “adoption,” in this description, the process in Uganda is guardianship in preparation for adoption in the U.S. Uganda is not a Hague Convention country, but the adoption process there is well-regulated by the Department of Youth and Child Affairs in the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development. Adoptions are processed by the courts.

Please review the website of the U.S. Department of State on adopting from Uganda:

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